Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ok. Maybe police can't win.

Did you check out the above video?  This guy staged a scene with the help of some bubbas from the Mobile Police Dept and he surprised the hell outta his girlfriend by using them to propose to his future wife.

Instead of everyone cheering and saying way to go Mobile Police, that's some real good shit you instead have jack asses saying that its across the line.

Even when they're trying to do the right thing the police are getting shit on.  Maybe police can't win.

Personally I think this is fucking "cute" and cool as hell.  Good on all involved.

SIDENOTE!  If you're a proponent of community policing then this is it in action.  Being able to talk to police about even goofy shit is what its suppose to be about.  This is modern day Mayberry USA stuff you're seeing. Oh and for you nancies that are saying this was dangerous the LEOs pulled STUN GUNS.  The guy might have gotten a bit of a shock at worse but he was in no danger of death (if he's reasonably healthy and he looks solid) so chill out!

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