Thursday, December 22, 2016

Open Comment Post. December 22, 2016

Much apologies guys.  I've been taking care of some issues that pop up for everyone (especially around the holidays) so posting has been unexpectedly light.  Due to unforeseen commitments it'll probably continue over the next few days so expect sporadic posting for the near term.

Burning issue today?

Syria is on a slow burn and the Russia/Syria/Iran are trying to wrap things up.  Yemen is out of sight and out of mind but the Saudis are still getting it handed to them.  Northern Africa is a mess.  The Chinese are trying to assess exactly how crazy (crazy cool, they need to be stuffed into a body bag) Trump is...and Obama is trying his best to use every trick in the book to bolster his legacy.  Finally Europe is on a manhunt to capture the killer from the attack in Germany while every nation on that continent (the entire West really) is trying to crack down and hopefully thwart/delay the next attack.

In other words 2016 will end the same way it began....with the world in total chaos.

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