Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Saudi Arabia headed toward turmoil?

Thanks to Overwatch DVA for the link!

via Farsnews.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Dozens of Saudi princes and princesses have left the country for the fear of their lives after the empowerment of King Salman and his son Muhammad bin Salman as deputy crown prince.

The Palestinian daily, al-Manar, quoted informed sources as saying that many members of the royal family have fled Saudi Arabia to other countries after increased internal differences and rivalries in the House of Saud and their policies in the region.
A large number of the royal family members believe that their lives are at stake and could be assassinated any moment.
According to the report, a number of these princes and princesses aren’t allowed to leave the country and are still in Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the security bodies.
Meantime, the fear is not confined to Saudi Arabia and certain Qatari and UAE princes and princesses have also left their countries.

Wow.  I have no love for the Saudi Monarchy but can you imagine what the West would have to do if that country plunged into chaos?  You think a mission to safeguard Pakistani nukes is a descent into hell then consider what would happen if this large reserve of oil starts to go belly up.

I can see the 1st MarDiv getting activated to go...I can see the 82nd, 101st and probably the Big Red 1 getting called up....

And that's all before you consider the fact that holiest sites in Islam are located in that country.  They say we're not at war with Islam but if we have to enter Saudi Arabia we will be!

I couldn't give a rats ass about all the pamper princes/princesses but we might all need to hope for a little stability in that shady, backwater country.

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