Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump once again blasts the F-35!

via DOD Buzz
“We are going to negotiate tougher deals … where we get more equipment for less money,” he said on Thursday.
“For instance, you saw the other day about an airplane. Now I have a nice airplane. But this plane is going to cost $4.2 billion, Air Force One. I don’t want a plane to fly around in that costs $4.2 billion, believe me … not going to happen … and I didn’t order it, please, remember this. But we’re going to work with Boeing, we’re going to cut the price way down — way, way down.”
He added, “And how about the F-35 fighter. It’s a disaster, it’s totally out of control. So we’re going to get more equipment for our military and we’re going to get better equipment for our military at a smaller price.”
He's going after the holy grail.  Better deals on high tech equipment.  I don't know if he'll actually get it done but I wouldn't bet against him.

The real question is where everyone's patron saint, Mad Dog Mattis stands.  Will he stand with his buddies in the General's club or will he join forces with his boss and push for a bit of change?

Time will tell.

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