Saturday, December 31, 2016

Women's UFC just died.

First.  Go here to see the post fight interview with Nunes.

You're back?  Hear me out.  Women's UFC just died.  Nunes will not be half the ambassador for the fight game that Rousey was and other female fighters have been.  Why?  Well its sensitive for many but obvious.  She's lesbian (think that doesn't matter...check out women's NBA).  She's obviously on the juice.  She doesn't speak english well so she can't be an ambassador for the sport in the US.

The problem for the UFC?  There isn't a person on the horizon that could unseat her.  She'll be champ for at least a couple of years and will see opportunities to cash in (at least in America, not sure about Brazil) dry up because no one will fight her.

Nunes won but Women's UFC died.

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