Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another fight at a fitness expo. Men's fitness is turning into a soap opera.

This is craziness.  The fitness industry has turned into a freaking soap opera!  What's the cause of the stupidity?  YouTube celebrities that need to get eyeballs to their page in order to drive views and revenue.  This isn't the first incident that's happened at one of the so called "fitness expos" either.

It isn't the first time that Rich Piana has been involved in some drama at one of these events either.  Last year Rich got into a situation where he slapped, hit or punched some retarded guy (what's the modern term for that) and ended up with a bunch of bad press about it.

The funny weird thing about this?  I didn't hear a thing about Piana and Trucc having any beef.

It doesn't matter though.  I'm almost to the point of shit canning the whole social media thing when it comes to lifting.  The drama queen/soap opera side of it is becoming too dominant and incidents like this are getting too many people "excited" instead of them asking what the fuck.

One last thing.  What is it with guys posturing for 5 minutes before throwing a punch.  Piana is saying "lets step outside"?  Many are saying that Trucc threw a sucker punch but once those words are uttered then its fights' on!

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