Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anti-US Korean War Propaganda...so this is how they tried to make us look....

pics via FNHFAL Tumblr Page.

I despise the view that liberals have of the US.  I hate hearing from expats in the West that talk about how great their country of origin is, yet they live in other places.  I despise the usual media outlets in various countries that view the US as being the cause of all their problems.

But I DO find propaganda during war interesting...not today's propaganda that sings the "let's join hands" stuff that the Pentagon has been pumping out for the past 30 years but the old skool stuff that identified the enemy as the enemy and one that needed to be defeated.

The same applies for the propaganda that is anti-US.

I just want to know how they viewed us.

You think some of the US anti-Germany/Japan stuff is brutal?  Check out the stuff that they pumped out against us!  Things started taking a turn for US propaganda efforts after the Korean War...its as if the Pentagon had lost its way and was no longer seeking to put forward max efforts to rally public support for the wars that it fought, but for those we're fighting they didn't miss a beat.

Which brings me to this anti-US propaganda you see above.  I've never seen anything like it before which shows a massive hole in my understanding of the war.  The funny thing?  Propaganda would be even more effective today (if the Pentagon was able to properly harness the power of social media) but the efforts are so disjointed, so lacking in understanding of its target audience that they remain lost in the woods.

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