Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blast from the past. Showtime 100...Cunningham & Driscoll vs N. Vietnamese Air Defense Complex (Fighters and Surface-To-Air Missiles)

Many point to the Congressman's conviction and jail sentence.  I don't care.  This guy had big brass, fury balls.  Cunningham  & Driscoll will always be pure studs to me.

Below is Showtime 100 the plane flown during this mission...

What I wonder is what would happen today.  The F-4's requirements look eerily similar to the F-35's.  Unfortunately the F-35 doesn't have the same advantages.  Its single engined.  It doesn't have a RIO to assist the pilot in fighting the airplane properly.  Its slower.  In the same scenario would a F-35 win the matchup and get its pilots "feet wet" so that they could be safely recovered?

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