Saturday, January 21, 2017

Desert Tech MDR. Tavor killer looking more and more like vaporware...

There has been a lot of hype and a lot of disappointment and sniping around this gun. It was originally supposed to ship in late 2015 — here’s a group buy thread on a forum that has been active since 2014, with a bunch of bullpup fans planning their purchase. Then after delays Desert Tech announced a “firm” commitment to shipping it in the third quarter of 2016. Here’s the company’s CEO in a statement:

“We’re really excited that we can commit third quarter of this year — that’s our firm time and we’re excited to have that commitment. … We’re going to take the time to make sure out of the box that this is the product that you guys have been waiting for.”

So that didn’t happen, and now the rep is swearing that it will be shipping in volume this coming July.
I, for one, am not going to hold my breath. As I said above, there has been a ton of disappointment out there, because folks have been so excited about this thing for so long.
I want to note that I did not see this gun at Range Day, and I take that to be a bad sign. If you’re shipping a new, hot gun this year, it’s going to be at Range Day. The fact that the MDR wasn’t there suggests to me that it’s still vapor.
At any rate, when the gun eventually ships, our colleagues at TFB will be all over it, and then we’ll see if it can actually deliver more than just broken dreams.
Story here. 

If you don't know about the Desert Tech MDR then you're not really a gun guy.  This was suppose to be the ULTIMATE Tavor killer.  A bullpup with outstanding ergonomics.  Slim, trim, lightweight, and almost instinctive when it comes its controls.  Want even more?  It was suppose to be completely modular.  One gun and with the switch out of a barrel and couple of other parts and you had a .223, .308 and 300blkout.

Unfortunately Desert Tech has been jerking our chain for over 3 years now.  As much as I hate it this thing is obviously vaporware.  Even at the proposed price point people would have been throwing money at them but they just can't get it together.

Pity.  They had a world beating design but couldn't get it over the finish line.

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