Tuesday, January 24, 2017

German bridges are tearing up US armored vehicles, not the other way around!

via Pravda.
The US army has come across "unexpected difficulties" during the redeployment of armored vehicles from the German port of Bremerhaven to Poland.
According to The Wall Street Journal, several vehicles were seriously damaged during the transportation. The vehicles crashed into the bridges, the height of which turned out to be lower than the military expected. Five armored vehicles were left in Germany, and the military have not found a safe way for their transportation yet.
Several US tanks had their batteries discharged upon their arrival to Europe, commander of US forces in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said. He also acknowledged that Washington did not have sufficient knowledge about the infrastructure of those NATO members that used to be part of the former Soviet bloc.
The United States is currently moving to Europe 87 M1 Abrams tanks, 144 armored vehicles M2 Bradley, 18 self-propelled howitzers M109 Paladin and four thousand troops to support operations Atlantic Resolve Operation. The goal of the maneuvers is to contain the potential of the Russian Federation.
Too damn funny!

You're telling me that during this so called "show the flag" exercise that planners didn't do a basic FUCKING ROUTE RECON!

We better hope Russia isn't about to come across the border...it looks like we've forgotten how to do simple stuff.  I guess its true.  Institutional knowledge does evaporate unless regularly exercised.  Oh and don't buy for one minute the excuse about "not having sufficient knowledge about infrastructure".

I bet you can find an old warhorse from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment that could tell you every and anything you wanted to know about East German infrastructure!

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