Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Germany’s Leopard tanks prove vulnerable in Islamic State fight

via Stars and Stripes
The reputation of Germany’s vaunted Leopard 2 tank, which forms the mainstay of NATO’s armored forces, has taken a pounding in battles with Islamic State militants in Syria.
At least 10 of the 60-ton main battle tanks have been destroyed during a Turkish attempt to recapture the strategically important northern town of al-Bab, located just 15 miles south of the Turkish border, media reports have said.
The Turks have deployed several thousand soldiers in the operation, which began in September. But despite airstrikes by Russian warplanes in support of the advancing troops, they have been unable to take the town in the face of determined opposition.
Several dozen Turkish soldiers and local allies have died in the combat. Germany’s Die Welt newspaper said at least 10 Leopard 2s were destroyed and many others damaged in street fighting on the outskirts of al-Bab. The rebels are said to have used both U.S.-made TOW and Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles in attacks on the tanks.
The above is bad enough...but this part has me twisting....
Turkey’s leaders have criticized the Obama administration last month for not providing strike support to their units engaged in the al-Bab operation.
Let's put aside Turkish arrogance and their demand for support when they have one of the largest air arms in the Middle East (why they need outside support is beyond me...maybe that purge went deeper than we thought and is actually affecting the quality of their armed forces....could the Kurds actually beat them on the battlefield now????).

Why is the Leopard 2 getting taken apart?

Oh and put aside thoughts that the Turks have export models without the latest armor for the version they're operating.  They're a NATO member so they don't get detuned gear.  Its full up, go to war models they're operating.

The answer is simple.

The Leopard 2 is overrated. 

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