Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Russian ground based electronic warfare vehicles will be the "overmatch" we can't duplicate...

Above is a 2 second Google search of Russian ground based electronic warfare vehicles.  We're focusing on cyber warfare because its the rage but we'll see our electronics fried because we don't have proper countermeasures to this threat.

Want to know what will decimate NATO forces in a peer vs peer conflict?  It won't be tanks, artillery or rocket fire.  It'll be electronic warfare that decimates our command and control.  The US and the Marine Corps in particular have put all of our electronic warfare eggs in the "aerial" basket.  But what if?  What if the enemy understands this and fights our airpower not to defeat them but to simply keep them busy?

Separate airpower from the US way of war and suddenly its an unfair fight with the advantage going to a well prepared enemy.  We've seen this too.  Ukraine is the living example with a big dose of the Crimea thrown in.

Luckily the US Army is pivoting to the threat but I fear it is too little.  What will we see in the future?  Enemy air bypassing logistics points and going after Command and Control.  Same with "little green men".  They're not going to sow confusion in a haphazard way.  They're going to target in theater Command and Control where possible.  Other targets will be on the list but the top spot will be obvious.

American ground combat forces need to get on the same page.  Electronic warfare needs to be able to keep up with maneuver forces and should be able to degrade enemy efforts.  Wide Area Security is another matter but everyone will need to be prepared to drop wrenches or laptops and fight little green men that appear out of the mist.

This is a blind spot for our forces boys and girls.  Wake up to the threat.

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