Thursday, January 12, 2017

The "new" Ford Bronco won't be worth a second glance...

Name vehicles that would make me take a second glance and perhaps pay the outrageous prices that they're charging for new cars and the concept Bronco was definitely on the list (yeah I like Jeeps too but they're a bankruptcy starter kit...modding them to get them right costs a small fortune).

Well according to TRUCK YEAH the new Bronco is just gonna be a rebadged mall crawler that lacks any sort of sex appeal.  Check out the article here.  I'm personally amazed at the lack of awareness by corporations these days.  A couple of days ago Paramount/CBS killed a fan favorite movie that could have reinvigorated the entire series (AXANAR) just because it wasn't made in house.  Now Ford is basically pissing on Bronco fans by rebadging a truck they sell overseas.  Production cost smart, US market stupid.  When will these guys wake up?

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