Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The UK military tests for steroids

via Sputnik
Over the course of the year, 730 soldiers in the UK Army tested positive, which is more individuals than make up an entire infantry regiment, compared with 570 in 2015. The Royal Navy saw a 60 percent increase, with offenders rising to 50 from 30. At least 50 service personnel tested positive for illegal steroids. The Royal Regiment of Scotland had 90 failures, while the Royal Engineers had 110.

I knew they tested for drugs but steroids?  Wow.  I'm betting they have made a swing to the Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment or UK Special Ops in general.  I've seen those dudes and they're jacked (well alot of them are).

If the US military wanted to kill SOCOM all you have to do is do a steroid test.  Want to reduce the Marine Corps and Army by half?  Do the same.

I wonder if the Brits realize what a can of worms they're unleashing by doing this. 

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