Sunday, January 29, 2017

The vid is fake so where did the MV-22 launch from?

Ok.  We know the vid is fake (thanks Galvars...good find) but that still leaves the question of where the MV-22 launched from.

It also makes me wonder about the intel.  US Navy SEALs would not wander into a fight that big in just platoon strength...if they did someone messed up real bad in their pre-raid assessment.  Unless they've changed up massively I'm still guessing that they were augmented by someone.

Since USMC aircraft were involved I'm still guessing that there was a Marine Ground Component attached to this op.  Was it MARSOC?  Strong possibility.  They're suppose to be getting closer to the MEUs and we do have one in the area.

Could they have used the helo company attached to the MEU?  Yeah but SOCOM likes to keep shit in house so that's unlikely.  We also know that Davis is pushing hard to get the MV-22 used by SOCOM so we might be looking at berthing (aboard the big deck MEU) and a taxi service by Marine Air for this raid.

What I don't know and can't figure is if the raid was this big then how did they work air cover?  They could have launched F-15's from Djibouti along with tankers so they could stay on station but since it was a snatch mission they probably wouldn't have used them much.

I don't know.  Still trying to puzzle this together.

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