Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump scares EU/Nato leaders!

via Washington Post.
European leaders grappled with the jolting reality of President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism of the European Union on Monday, saying they might have to stand without the United States at their side during the Trump presidency.
The possibility of an unprecedented breach in transatlantic relations came after Trump — who embraced anti-E.U. insurgents during his campaign and following his victory — said in weekend remarks that the 28-nation European Union was bound for a breakup and that he was indifferent to its fate. He also said NATO’s current configuration is “obsolete,” even as he professed commitment to Europe’s defense.

Trump’s attitudes have raised alarm bells across Europe, which is facing a wave of elections this year in which anti-immigrant, Euroskeptic leaders could gain power. Most mainstream leaders have committed to working with Trump after his inauguration Friday, even as they have expressed hope that he will moderate his views once he takes office. His continued hard line has created a painful realization in Europe that they may now have to live without the full backing of their oldest, strongest partner. The European Union underpins much of the continent’s post-World War II prosperity, but skeptics have attacked it in recent years as a dysfunctional bloc that undermines finances and security.
Wow.  Is it bad that an article gave me a woody?  Of course the Europeans are trying to sound tough...the idea that they will "go alone" is almost laughable.  But this is signalling that they will have to do more than ride the cart...they're finally gonna have to get out and push.

Ignore the "defense establishment" pushing troops to Europe and conducting all kinds of exercises.  I expect (hope) that all this forward basing of troops around the globe will be reversed.

America first.  We have no empire so bring our forces back from the frontier! 

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