Thursday, January 05, 2017

Turk anti-air system winds up in Greek hands...UPDATED! Previous info wrong!!!

Thanks to AL Z. for the link!

via Popular Mechanics
Earlier this week in the Aegean Sea, the M/V Alcatras, a Turkish-flagged vessel, lost rudder control. The 29-yard-long fishing boat began to drift and eventually ran aground on the Greek island of Kos. No injuries among the crew were reported.
Turkey and Greece, although NATO allies, are bitter rivals that have almost gone to war several times. And while this isn't the first such naval mishap, this time things were different. Alcatras was not carrying a cargo hold full of fish, but a prototype weapon system—one that would be used to shoot down Greek planes if the two countries ever went to war.

The fishing vessel was apparently being used as a test bed for a naval version of the Korkut air defense system. Korkut (Turkish for "stern" or "resolute", or even "big hailstone") consists of two 35-millimeter autocannons that can fire 1,100 rounds per minute.
Simply amazing.  Its not like there is anything earth shattering on this vehicle...the Germans developed the Gepard almost 30 years ago and the Russians a similar anti-aircraft cannon based vehicle years before that (interestingly only the US tried and failed to develop a comparable system...long live the Sgt York!).

The anger in Ankara must be delicious to the Greeks!


Thanks to Faithon for more up to date info on this incident!


My Google Translator has gone tits up on the webpage but Faithon tells me that the weapon system was a naval variant with 35mm cannons designed to be a CIWS for Turkish warships and the export market.

That explains the early reports of this being a prototype when we've seen the armored vehicle anti-air system for at least a couple of years now.

The tears really must be flowing!

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