Monday, February 13, 2017

A collection of batshit crazy hillbilly armor of the Syria/Iraq/ISIS conflict...

All pics via The Fox Hole Tumblr Page (here for the complete list!)

Ya know what dawned on me?  Every conflict before and including WW2 introduced an advancement of some kind that benefited both the military and civilian complexes (the same can be said of the space program before the space shuttle).

Since Gulf War One that trend has slowed to at best a dribble.  We've seen stuff on the margins...increased drone use (even that I doubt...drones were adaptations of remote controlled aircraft popular with hobbyist) and perhaps the militarization of police but outside of that we've seen no real advancements in military tech or dual use items that can be used by civilians.

Could we be caught in a protracted "interwar" period?  Are we living an extended time between the great wars?  Or could we be seeing the rebuilding of a new East-West cold war with China being the big bad in the new age?

I don't know but back on task.  War is the mother of invention and while this stuff IS batshit crazy it does provide at least a bit of armor protection to the fighters in the field...

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