Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Middle East Nato to blunt Iran?

Thanks to William for the link!

via Bloomberg
Trump administration is in talks with Arab
allies about having them form military alliance that would share
intelligence with Israel to help counter Iran, WSJ reports,
citing unidentified Middle Eastern officials involved in the
* Alliance would include Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Egypt, and
Jordan, according to the article

* Under the alliance, attack on one member would be treated as
an attack on all, though details are still being worked out,
WSJ says
* U.S. would offer military, intelligence support, while the
country, together with Israel, wouldn’t be part of the
mutual-defense pact: WSJ
* Arab diplomats in Washington have been in talks with Defense
Sec. Jim Mattis and Mike Flynn until his resignation Monday:
* Trump administration, spokesman for Israeli PM didn’t
respond WSJ’s requests for comment
Hmm.  Why are they pushing this?  The GCC is already a quasi-military alliance and all this would do is formalize in a bureaucratic way, stuff that's already being done.

I don't see the advantage.

One thing is certain.  Iran scares the hell outta the Gulf States.  For them to go from calling for Israel's destruction to now working with them tells you everything you need to know.

We're inching toward a major flareup in the Middle East.

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