Thursday, February 23, 2017

AAV-SU @ AAV Test Branch, Camp Pendleton...pic by Monique Randolph.


So the AAV Test Branch is already putting a few of these rigs to the test.  I'll never see it but I would love to know if it actually delivers performance improvements that seem likely with all the upgrades being done.

CoffeeJoeJava's point about the ACV not being a good enough improvement over the baseline vehicle (now the AAV-SU) that it's not worth changing has a bitter truth to it.  Do we buy a new rig just for the sake of the new car smell?

Would it make sense, if the AAV-SU delivers, to simply improve it across the fleet and keep motoring with it?  Dollars are finite.  Capability more important than flash.  Finally tracks.  Tracks make sense for Marine Corps operating environments.

I just don't know but its worth thinking about.

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