Saturday, February 18, 2017

AESA Radar on an Air to Air Missile??? The Ukrainians have done it!!!

Thanks to the little birdy that landed on my window sill for the pic!

Drink it in boys and girls.  The Ukrainians have done it.  An AESA on an air to air and air to ground missile?  I thought it was just talk and they couldn't get it done.

How big a deal is this actually?  I have no fucking idea.

I'm sitting back watching the geeks talk about it while the couple of war dawgs in the group (thank God for geeks that get muddy & speak english) break it down for me.

More to come!

Nope.  No more to come.  The discussion is embargoed and I can't share their findings/speculation.  Too bad.  Its fascinating as fuck!  Small hint. What we all thought was tech held in the hands of a few is appearing in the hands of the country I think is our greatest threat.  F-35 clubbed like baby seals?  On a good day.  More like F-35's will be clubbed like SLEEPING baby seals.

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