Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Blast from the past....civic responsibility during WW1.

pic via SmartSurvivalBlog

Stunning isn't it.  At the turn of the century the US govt expected and produced literature that encouraged "prepping" and individual responsibility.  Today those that take part in those activities are viewed with suspicion (even though we get the competing message of having at least two weeks food and water on hand in case of emergencies!).

Did the new deal really transform the relationship between citizen and govt that much?  I have studied the great depression and now how terrorizing that event was for the US (its still my belief that the great recession has left the same type of trauma on citizens worldwide which partly explains the rise of nationalism) but I have to reassess things.

Did we move from a more pure form of a republic toward semi-socialism because of economic upheaval?  Does that explain how divided the US is today?

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