Monday, February 13, 2017

Breaking! Flynn resigns.


The news media, neo-cons and democrats have gotten their scalp.  They succeeded in dragging a career military officer's name thru the mud because of politics and the desire to wound Trump.

He's accused of not getting along with national intel officials.  He's said to have clashed with them.

But has anyone thought that someone needs to clash with the conventional wisdom in defense/intel communities?  We've been at war against primitive savages for almost 20 years and they say we're gonna need 20 more till they're defeated.

Against a modern day Nazi Germany I guess it would take 500 years to defeat them by that logic!

Again congrats.

A patriot was smeared and most of you will cheer.

Side note:  The revolution has been contained.  Trump is the president but if you look around him he is surrounded by the establishment or Wall Street fat cats.  All thoughts about a change in policy can be set aside.  The establishment has won.  The only thing left to do is to find a reason to impeach Trump and you have a standard Republican party White House.  I believe that was the real fear of Never Trump Republicans, the Establishment and Democrats.  Trump represented a chance to have a clean break from the two parties.  That chance is over.  Jarod is the weak link.  That young guy puts his finger in the wind and will yield to conventional wisdom instead of standing strong.  Now I see.  Trump will fail and will fail spectacularly.  Its inevitable.  Pence will be president and he'll lose re-election.  This will be a minor hiccup on the way to two coast rule of the United States.  I thought Trump had more backbone but he was too inexperienced and did not have the courage of his convictions when it came time to stand strong.

Side note 1:  Kellogg?!!?!!?!  Dude is pure dee, 100% neo-con.   Harward???!?!?!?!?  Pure dee, 100% neo-con.  The establishment has won and you people don't even get it.  The neo-cons have wormed their way back into our State Dept, Defense Dept, and Intel Establishments.  We're so screwed it hurts!  Expect more of the same with no change.  Trump will be led by the nose now.  You hated Flynn?  We had a chance to team with Russia to put Radical Islam in a cage with Flynn.  You wanted allies to pay their fair share?  Flynn wanted that too.  You wanted Iran put in a cage without having to go to war?  With Flynn gone the neo-cons have probably found their next war.  I can't tell you how fucked you people that wanted Flynn out are now.  The National Security Adviser is the guy that whispers in the President's ear.  Now the person whispering will be a neo-con.  Feel proud.  Political expediency will probably cost us another 5K US servicemen killed in a dubious war.

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