Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Does the US Marine Corps still consider itself an elite?

Simple question.  Does the US Marine Corps still consider itself an elite?  Before you answer understand this.  I don't care about SOCOM.  I don't care about the dick measuring contests between SOCOM, Airborne, Air Assault, Light Fighters etc.  I am talking about how the Marine Corps views itself.  See the image above?  That's how the Marines once viewed themselves.  Check out the image below.

What you're looking at are a couple of old skool recruiting posters that could be seen everywhere and were part of the Marine Corps ethos.

But is it still that way?  Again, this isn't a new Corps versus old Corps thing.  It's how the institution, how the tribe called US Marines view themselves. This minor issue takes on a bit more relevancy with the news that the advertising slogan "The Few, The Proud, The Marines" is going away.  Does leadership no longer believe it?  If they don't does it matter?

I just don't know....

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