Sunday, February 05, 2017

Flak-damaged Sea Venom of 893 Squadron during the Suez Crisis...

pic via FishStickMonkey Tumblr Page.

A flak-damaged Sea Venom of 893 Squadron, landing safely without undercarriage on HMS EAGLE. The aircraft has been caught by the arrester wires on the Flight Deck.


I haven't taken a good look (and neither have many historians) at all the minor actions that were taking place worldwide between the 50s and 60s.  The Suez Crisis deserves a look see and I think I'll turn to doing just that.  The idea that a Brit Sea Venom would take flak damage in a mission in that region (I don't know the specifics) is simply amazing.  On a side note.  I know EXTREMELY little about carrier but I wonder why they would attempt a landing which could damage the ship instead of just ejecting and getting picked up.  Is this safer?  Are ejections that dangerous?  Honest question, I don't know.

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