Monday, February 13, 2017

Flynn on thin ice...its always the lie that gets ya!

Michael Flynn has no plans to resign and no expectations that he will be fired, a senior administration official told CNN Sunday.
That's despite a turbulent 72 hours caused by the national security adviser's inability to deny that he spoke about sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador before President Donald Trump took office.
While Flynn may have no plans to leave the White House, many inside the Trump administration are concerned with the fact that the national security adviser could have misled senior members of the White House, including Vice President Mike Pence, who went on national television and denied that Flynn spoke about sanctions with Sergey Kislyak, Russian ambassador to Washington.
"The knives are out," the official added, acknowledging that Flynn's future in the White House is hardly a sure thing. "There's a lot of unhappiness about this."
This story irks me.

I expected growing pains.  I expected a bit of palace intrigue, after all its Trump's leadership style to have his subordinates pitted against each other...but the lack of discipline in the inner circle is frustrating.

The good news?

The guy (Trump) is delivering on his promises.  He's almost finished with the list and then it turns to the Congress where things will slow to a crawl.

The bad news?

Flynn knows better and this is a story that shouldn't be.  Talking to the Russian ambassador is no big deal.  Even talking about the sanctions is no biggy.  What is huge is that the guy lied.  Its always the lie that gets ya!  He should know better.  He does know better and that's the real mystery here.  Why the fuck did he lie?

That's my take.  The media's take is the usual.  They have the long knives out because they want to cripple this administration.  That includes liberals, and establishment Republicans.  They want blood and will blow up any perceived misstep to cause a controversy to weaken Trump.

But that's my take and how I think the establishment sees things.  What do you think?

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