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Patria XA-220...

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Patria has developed and tested an upgraded version of its XA series of 6x6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

The new variant - designated XA-220 - was developed with internal research and development funding.

The original XA-180 6x6 APC is powered by a Valmet diesel engine developing 295 hp and coupled to an Allison MD 3560PR automatic transmission; however, the upgraded XA-220 features a Cummins ISLe 8.9 diesel engine coupled to the original transmission. While the new engine is more powerful, for this application it has been limited to be compatible with the rest of the power train.

The XA-220 features an upgraded electrical system, with new AGM NATO 6T batteries that have a 240 A capacity and a 60 A intelligent onboard battery charger, and also are installed with new power supply panels that have USB outputs. The drive ratio of the current 200 A alternator is now optimised to generate the maximum output.

The original headlights and tail lights have been replaced by new ECE-approved light emitting diode (LED) units. For night time operations an LED/infrared (LED/IR) kit is used.

The XA-220 can be equipped with an open electronic architecture and features video displays, and day and night cameras, thus enhancing night time operations.

Mobility improvements include work on the suspension and new adjustable shock absorbers. Driver fatigue has been reduced by upgrading the steering system. The latest blast attenuating seats have also been fitted in the rear troop compartment, the same units used in Patria's Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) 8x8.

The XA-220 has an appliqué passive armour package, but the amphibious capability has been removed.

A rail mount on the roof enables optimised arcs of fire for up to two light machine guns through the rear roof hatches.

The vehicle is also equipped with a Kidde-Deugra Halon-free fire detection and suppression system for the engine and crew compartments.
This is an extremely modest upgrade.  More akin to the AAV Survivability Upgrade but a bit less extreme.  I wonder who this is aimed at?

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