Monday, February 06, 2017

Pereh Missile Carrier (pics)

pics via Bmashina Tumblr Page.

I am fascinated by this vehicle.  The idea of a tank having 12 ready to fire long range missiles has got to be a game changer.  The idea that the Israelis have been able to keep this out of public view since mid 80's is also quite interesting.

Of course the star of the vehicle is the Spike NLOS Missile.  Ranging out to about 16 miles it's a type of precision artillery that should be useful in the type of fight we're seeing in Syria today.

We've seen similar systems but they've all been either truck or APC mounted. The Israelis went that way but migrated toward mounting their missiles on a tank chassis.  Kinda makes me wonder if we should be a bit more inventive with all the M1 hulls we have laying around gathering dust in the desert...

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