Monday, February 27, 2017

Rand tells Congress that China might beat us...

Thanks to Nioble for the link!

via Rand
We also have not moved quickly enough to provide the capabilities and basing posture
needed to meet the manifold challenges posed by China’s rapidly modernizing armed
As a result, the United States now fields forces that are simultaneously
• larger than needed to fight a single major war
• failing to keep pace with the modernizing forces of great power adversaries
poorly postured to meet key challenges in Europe and East Asia
• insufficiently trained and ready to get the most operational utility from many active
component units.
Put more starkly, our wargames and simulations suggest that U.S. forces could, under
plausible assumptions, lose the next war they are called upon to fight.
I've been shouting this from rooftops for  years.  Russia is a distraction.  China is the threat!

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