Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Brit Ministry of Defense has gone full retard...

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via Daily Mail.
British troops have been offered the chance to duck out of fighting on the front line and work a three-day week, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
Thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen have been told they can avoid battlefield action under an astonishing scheme the Ministry of Defence admitted last night is intended to make the Armed Forces 'more family friendly'.
Even elite Special Air Service troops and RAF pilots currently involved in the campaign to defeat Islamic State will in future be entitled to opt out of going to war.
Soldiers who choose to do so will lose out on tax-free bonuses of up to £50 per day on top of their regular wages – potentially saving the MoD millions.
Last night, defence experts warned that letting troops avoid going to war threatened to undermine the fundamental principles upon which Britain's Armed Forces have been built.
Colonel Richard Kemp, who led British troops into war in Afghanistan, said: 'This is absolutely incredible. How can it do anything but undermine our national defence? 
Bullet points from the same article.
 * British troops offered chance to avoid front line and work three-day week
*  SAS troops and RAF pilots involved in Islamic State battle offered easier terms
*  MoD also reveal troops will be allowed 93 days unpaid leave per year
*  'The MoD has got its priorities completely wrong' says defence expert

The Brits have gone full retard!  How do you call that a military?  Sounds more like a day camp for the lame and lazy.

The Brits are doing this and some are pushing the idea of putting US Marines on British ships (here and here) ! Amazing!

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