Monday, February 06, 2017

Unforeseen escalation....Houthi rockets hit Rihyadh

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Yemeni rebels reported the successful test-launch of a precision scud missile on Sunday night, which was allegedly aimed at a Saudi military camp 40 kilometres west of Riyadh.

Saudi officials denied that the missile hit the military camp near al-Mazahimiyah and it has not been possible to independently verify this fact.
The Houthi rebels announced the successful launch of a Scud-type ballistic missile at around 8pm GMT.
Saba News agency quoted a Houthi spokesperson announcing the attack as a "successful test-fire of a precision, long-distance ballistic missile."
"We stress that the capital of [expletive] Saudi Arabia is now in the range of our missiles and, God willing, what is coming will be greater," a statement from the Houthi government said.
Story here. 

Interesting news and an unforeseen escalation on the part of the Houthis.  I knew there would be blow back from the SEAL Team 6 raid but I definitely didn't see this.

The Houthis are being quite surgical in their targeting.

Forget talk about them targeting one of our warships.  There is nothing in the past to indicate that they don't know who they're shooting at.  If they wanted to target one of our ships then there would be no guessing about it.  Additionally they've shown themselves to be quite adept at getting the job done even with limited resources.

Long short?  Despite the work that our DoD, State Dept and White House is doing the Houthis are doing there level best to keep us on the sidelines in the fight against Saudi Arabia.

The idea that they can now target a major Saudi city with ballistic missiles should be a shock to the system to the Royal Family.

The shocking thing?  We are without a doubt seeing an undeclared (and unacknowledged) regional war in the Middle East.  Think about the countries involved.  US, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran (and I left a few nations out).  The entire Middle East is involved in the fight and we're to believe that 50,000 or fewer ISIS fighters can't be defeated by all that firepower?  The conspiracy theorists are right.  ISIS is just another proxy in a war filled with proxies.

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