Tuesday, February 21, 2017

US interference in foreign elections.

I've been reading the responses to my blog post on Ukraine interfering in the US election and getting no media coverage of the fact while Russia is being elevated to the sky for doing the same.

Ok.  Challenge accepted.  How overt have we been in other people's elections?  Quite a bit.  I typed the title of this blog post in a Google search and got these hits in .71 seconds.





Yeah that's right my fellow Americans.  We have been dabbling in other people's elections for decades.  I am trying to establish equivalency with the US in regard to Russia's elections?  Nope.  Am I trying to point out the reality of the situation?  You bet your ass!

Dirty secret that's easily verifiable?  From the former US president heading to the UK to influence the British people to vote to stay in the EU, to allegations by Russian officials that Hillary attempted to influence Russian election/start a color revolution in 2011, to Democrat party operatives being active in France to put an end to the threat that they see from Le Pen, the US is active all over the world to influence elections!

The truth is stark.  We're the good guys but we play...how can I put this delicately...hardball on a worldwide level.  Messing with friends and enemies elections isn't above us.  As a matter of fact you could say we specialize in it.

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