Friday, March 03, 2017

Blast from the past. Lockheed Martin/Patria AMV "Havoc".

What if?!?

What if Lockheed Martin and Patria didn't split up over suspicious circumstances?  What if they stayed together and entered the Patria AMV into the contest?  How would that vehicle have fared against the BAE/veco Superav or the ST Kinetics/SAIC Terrex 3?

To this day I will always wonder what games were played behind the scenes and how much backstabbing actually occurred.

What I do know is that a little birdy told me that Lockheed Martin was preparing to dump Patria a couple of months before the break up.  I also know that Lockheed Martin hoped to make a big push into the armored vehicle market (to diversify their portfolio away from aviation) and after the breakup it appears that no company on the planet wants to team with them on a ground vehicle program.

But the details?  We'll never know.

Want a kick in the pants?  The vehicle that they rushed to produce solo just didn't pass muster.  It's a shame.  It's a dog gone shame.

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