Sunday, March 05, 2017

Blast from the past...Broken Arrow Call in Vietnam

Thanks to Joe for the link!

Does this blast from the past have applications in current and future fights?  I wonder if I talked to a couple of Company and Battalion Commanders in Afghanistan or some of the SOCOM bubbas in Syria/Iraq would they tell me that there is a current "broken arrow" call to be used in case ISIS gets lucky?

For that matter I wonder if there is a protocol for use if an insider attack isn't just an assault on our personnel but a kidnapping?

Is there a directive in SOCOM to call for fire on our own personnel to keep them from being overrun or to keep them from winding up in an ISIS snuff vid?

I'd bet there is.

Looking into the future, would a broken arrow call be necessary for Expeditionary Squads?  Such a small unit cut off, isolated and being pounded with the possibility of capture by terrorists....the optics of such a defeat would be too much for the public to bear.  Will we have to establish this for the future?

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