Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CH-53K to drop below 89 million in full rate production...can we afford the wing we're building?

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via Bloomberg
The King Stallion’s cost is estimated to drop below $89 million after full-rate production begins, Marine Lieutenant General Gary Thomas, deputy for programs, said at the hearing. “That’s still very expensive and we’re working very hard with” Lockheed “to keep the cost down and to drive value for the taxpayer.”
Hmm.  Outrageously expensive F-35B's, MV-22's and  now the CH-53K?

Can the USMC afford the air wing it's building?  Will it be affordable in service and deliver in combat?  I'm convinced the F-35 won't deliver and there is enough evidence to doubt the Mv-22
when the bullets start flying.  But the CH-53K?  Even if it delivers as advertised is it worth paying almost 90 mil a copy when we could buy  the Penetrating version of the MH-47 for about the same money but with the added benefit of it being a better fit for dispersed operations?

It doesn't matter.  At the end of the day the most formidable enemy will show up and crush Marine Theorists dreams...the guys with the pocket protectors, star trek figure collections and spread sheets.  If HQMC can.t correct this mess then the accountants will.

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