Friday, March 24, 2017

FED Alpha Update! It lives! Well...sorta...

Remember the "Blast from the past" that I did a little while ago on the FED Alpha?  Remember how I wanted one sitting in my garage and how many wondered if the Army auctioned off the experimental vehicles that they built for personal use by some millionaire?

Well I got an answer this morning from one of the engineers on the project (name won't be used...I didn't get permission and I don't want to Blue Falcon someone) and it's a mix of good and bad news.

The good?  The Army has the vehicle, so it lives.

The bad?  It's a cost saving measure...they'll use it for parts on the next project that pops up.

This!  This is why it's so important for military enthusiasts to develop personal libraries on every vehicle they can.  We're seeing history and it must be preserved.  So consider this a public service announcement.  Save pics, brochures...anything you can so that future generations can have a look-see at some of the concepts that were being worked on during our time.

A future armor geek will thank you for it.

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