Thursday, March 23, 2017

MARSOC conducts amphibious assault to retake dam in Syria!!!! BREAKING!

Thanks to John for the link!

via Funker 530
Meanwhile, a massive amphibious mission was underway. The SDF’s Kurdish YPG and Syrian Arab Coalition fighters led by Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) boarded Zodiac watercraft and whatever boats they could find, and made a more direct assault onto the dam itself, east of the airborne drop zone. The dam was being used as an ISIS headquarters, a prison for high value individuals, and a training camp. They were successful in taking the dam.

As the footholds across the Euphrates were confirmed, bridge boats were loaded with combat vehicles, supply trucks, and command and control vehicles, and they made their way for the beach heads to reinforce the initial shock troops who were carrying very little water, ammo, and supplies in order to stay highly mobile.
Story here. 

Well Gawd Damn!  Are we actually trying to kill ISIS now?  Have the chains been left off our killers and they're actually being allowed to do work?

Sure as shit looks like it!

I've been critical of MARSOC but if they're gonna be doing shit like this (kudos to US Army Special Forces for getting back into the combat multiplier business too) then they might win me over.  But forget that nonsense.  Well done and God Speed Boys!

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