Friday, March 03, 2017

Open Comment Post. March 3, 2017

I told a reader that I would start giving links to some of the fantastic websites I find unknown armor at, or "blasts from the past" and even concepts that never made it across the finish line.

THe first I'd recommend is a buddy from across the pond.  THINK DEFENCE Blog (the archives are a must see and give a great history of UK weapon systems) was/is a fantastic site but unfortunately he's hanging up his shingle and heading into the deep woods.  Pity.  There aren't enough good UK defense blogs and his was one of the best.  The good news is that he's gonna leave the site up so you can check out his wonderful posts on this or that (especially containers...dude had a thing for containers...must be a form of OCD and wanting to organize on a large scale).  Check it out here.

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