Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pakistan deploys a brigade of troops to protect Saudi Arabia.

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via Middle East Eye.net
The Pakistan army is sending a brigade of combat troops to shore up Saudi Arabia’s vulnerable southern border from reprisal attacks mounted by the Houthis in Yemen, according to senior security sources.
The brigade will be based in the south of the Kingdom, but will only be deployed inside its border, the sources told Middle East Eye. "It will not be used beyond Saudi borders," one said.

It is the latest twist in a brutal and devastating two-year war, which has killed more than 10,000 people in Yemen, injured over 40,000 and brought the impoverished nation to the verge of famine.
Both sides have been accused of war crimes and starving civilians trapped in the carnage.
The war was launched by Saudi Arabia and its Arab coalition allies after the Houthis overran Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, and the southern port of Aden and ousted the Saudi-backed president, Abd Rabbuh Hadi.
Increasingly, the Houthis have been retaliating with cross-border missile strikes on targets deep inside the kingdom.
Last month the Houthis claimed to have hit a military camp near al-Mazahimiyah near Riyadh with what they called "a precision long-distance ballistic missile". The Saudis denied the claim.
On 31 January, a missile killed 80 soldiers on a base run jointly by the Saudis and Emiratis on Zuqar island in the Red Sea, according to reports in Arabic media. The Saudis did not confirm nor deny the strike.
In October a missile was shot down about 65 km from Mecca, although the Houthis denied targeting the holy city.
Paper Tigers.

Saudi Arabia and its GCC buddies are all paper tigers.

How bad are things for the Saudi Arabian armed forces when they have to call on Pakistan to provide troops to help protect its borders?

Has the Saudi Royal Family ever looked this vulnerable in the past 20 years?  I might be reading this wrong but they look ripe for a "color revolution" or to be overthrown by Islamic hardliners.

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