Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Politics Talk. Trump thrives in chaos.

Growing up as a devil pup, I remember always being told...it was damn near a mantra and anyone with stripes or shiny shit on their collars said over and over...Marines MUST thrive in chaos.  It's what we do.  It's part of our ethos. The bigger the drama, the more chaotic things become, the more professional..more determined...more focused on mission accomplishment we must be.

Looking back over the past couple of months of the Trump administration, the enemies (I would call them the opposition but their actions have gone beyond simply being political opponents) actions indicate that they wanted to stun them into paralysis.

They wanted to throw so much shit at him that he froze in fright.  The funny thing?  With a normal politician it would have worked.  An establishment administration would be in a fetal position right now.

But Trump seems to at worst continue to march forward.  At best?  The bastard seems to thrive!  Did you notice the signing ceremony today for the NASA budget?  Dude seemed totally unfazed.

That's a good thing.  He's taking frontals all day and night but still remains on task and on mission.  The controversies are a bit disturbing (even if I realize that most of it is manufactured) but I'm pumped up by him still moving forward.

The Dems are quickly coming to the point of being spent.  When that happens is when the Trump agenda will pick up speed.  Now isn't the time.  But after the summer recess?  Then we will see stuff happen.  The Democrat resistance is going to lose.  We and he (Trump) just need to continue to hang tough.

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