Tuesday, March 07, 2017

So you're still outraged by the latest Marine "scandal"??? Take a look at it's source.

I've been beyond amused, a little pissed and MUCH annoyed at the reaction of my readers.  Many that I thought were steady and reasonable have shown themselves to be easily caught up in a wave of false emotionalism instead of taking a step back and waiting for all of the fact to emerge.

FIRST!!!!!  Do a simple Google search for nude military chicks.  YEAH USE THOSE WORDS!  You will find females in all states of undress taking selfies and posting them online (am I saying that unauthorized pics of nude Marines weren't taken..NO but I am saying that their are plenty of pics of all female service members online...not my thing but its out there).  SECOND!!!  Check out the source for this story!  It's here and just take a look at the staff.  THESE PEOPLE HAVE AN AGENDA!

All I'm saying is that these sites are suppose to be about expression.  You get pissed because I kick people off the page that I think crossed the line?  These fuckers didn't do that.  They instead launched a full blue falcon strike!  Instead of telling these guys to knock it off if they thought they were out of line they instead did a hit piece to increase exposure.  GET REAL PEOPLE!  See this for what it is!  I know this isn't popular but I'm damn near begging you.  Wait for the facts and stop pounding on these Marines before you KNOW all the facts!

Rant over.

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