Thursday, March 23, 2017

Some computer geek in my audience needs to lend a hand!

Hey fellow tribe members!

Most of us are gun guys.  Fitness freaks.  Just plain dudes (no insult to the female lurkers but I've seen the demographic breakdown).  But do we have any computer geeks?

My problem?  I'm trying to get this podcast thing done with ELP and the setup is, to be frank, beyond me.  The actual problem?  The software to get the audio up on YouTube and even to get it to record!

I downloaded Audacity, got a cheap mic and I thought I was ready to march.  I was wrong.  Don't tell me where I went wrong here.  Don't bother telling me how simple it is, how your child could do it and I'm just a "typical idiot Jarhead" (be advised there are some REALLY smart people that reside in the Corps!).

Give me a shout over on my e-mail and walk me thru this stuff.  I appreciate it in advance.

Side note:  For all my supporters?  Luv you guys and this podcast thing IS the next frontier for Snafu Blog...its just not gonna happen on schedule!  For all my haters?  You're gonna hear my voice telling you the painful truth that has you curled up in the fetal position saying "mommie make the bad man stop"!

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