Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The situation in Venezuela is still bad...SouthCom better be watching!

How is water delivered to the citizens of Venezuela?  By water truck to a central location and then it flows thru the water system.  
Another "oh shit that's really a thing" moment came when Enrique stated that every house has a water tank.  Not to HEAT water but to store water for potable use.  I can't speak for you but I find this rather stunning.  When was the last time each house had to have its own stored water because it did not flow thru our pipes from a treatment center?  I dare say that except for a few locations today this is a pre-WW2 type thing.
How bad is the infrastructure in Venezuela?  With the new deliveries of water there is a downside.  The pipes are leaky and that causes the streets to flood.  He talks about the water covering potholes and wrecked cars!
Enrique 262 Tumblr Page originates in Venezuela.  Besides posting pics of tanks, planes and ships that he finds interesting (to include I believe his games on War Thunder), he also blogs about the situation in his homeland.

To say that its bad is an understatement.  Go here to read it for yourself.

My point?  SouthCom better keep an eye on the situation in Venezuela.  The Border Patrol better gear up for the possibility of a mass migration of people to our borders and the public should prepare to hear horror stories with the meme being pushed that these are "economic" refugees.

The situation in Venezuela is bad and I don't see anyone leaning into the problem to prevent their troubles from washing up on our borders.

Side note.  I've talked about prepping and the main driver for me was the chaos of Katrina.  Seeking refuge in the Superdome or begging for help on the rooftop of  house instead of being able to fend for myself is too much to bear. People talk about losing faith in govt?  I didn't lose faith, but I realized that depending on govt to safeguard me and mine was a non-starter.  I won't even touch on the stories that I heard of the idiocy that went on in that place (I've talked to Katrina survivors and it was bad...real bad).  An economic collapse in the US? A great depression part 2?  How do you really prep for that?  I need to chew on that a bit.

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