Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Warrior IFV Upgrade...the never talked about program.


Name the IFV that we NEVER talk about.  Name the IFV that has been in service as long as the Bradley, seen more combat than the German Puma, been thru more changes than a walkway model but never gets talked about in the military blogging community.

If you said the Brit Warrior IFV then you'd be right!

I personally blame this on the sudden disappearance of British military bloggers.  I also think (and admittedly this is from the outside looking in) a kind of malaise that has fallen over the Brit military, their supporters and the general public.  They're just not that into armor like their EU counterparts, the US, Australia...heck even the Japanese or S. Koreans.

The pushback will be that the AJAX Scout has taken center stage but I haven't seen anything that the Warrior IFV Upgrade has been cancelled and that they're pushing forward with that vehicle assuming its roles.

The latest news I have is that the Warrior is slated to remain in service till 2040.  So if my theory is wrong, then why isn't anyone talking about the Warrior IFV?

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