Monday, March 20, 2017

We support the Corps and now its a generational war?

via Marine Corps Times
The Marine Corps has always struggled with change.

A decade ago, when the Corps adopted new desert boots and the ­digital-pattern, wash-and-wear camouflage uniforms, many older Marines scoffed.

“They labeled us ‘soft’ and bitched about how in the ‘old Corps’ Marines knew the value of shining boots and starching cammies,” recalled Ethan Field, a former Marine infantry squad leader and foreign affairs professional.

For the past 15 years, the Marine Corps has faced mounting pressure to modernize and adapt, responding to both a changing battlefield overseas and the civilian society’s expectations back at home. While breaking with tradition has often made the Corps stronger, it also inspires frustration and scorn among the “old Corps.”

“Every current Marine or former Marine resents that people coming after them will have it easier,” Field said. They fear that “the lack of traditions they were raised on will somehow make new ­Marines ‘less’ than they were in the past.”

The latest push for change is targeting the Corps’ culture. It comes in response to revelations that hundreds, maybe thousands, of male Marines have been posting and viewing online photographs of naked female Marines without their consent. The scandal is shining a public spotlight on secretive online networks where Marines and others traffic in “revenge porn,” and make jokes about domestic violence and sexual assault.

While the Corps’ leaders have known about these sites for years, the latest uproar has forced the top generals to call for a sweeping crackdown. Top generals say Marines could be prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Boot camp and the hallowed process for making Marines is under review.

More broadly, Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has vowed to stamp out the sexism and misogyny that for years was overlooked with a wink and a shrug.

“We’re going to have to change how we see ourselves … how we treat each other.” Neller told lawmakers on March 14 before a Senate hearing on the nude-photo sharing scandal rocking the Corps. 
Fucking seriously?

The Marine Corps Times is part of the fifth column inside the Marines.

If the Corps wants to sever ties with its past then so be it.  I can learn not to give a fuck.

Side Note:  I love the Corps.  I want the Corps to win forever.  You don't want to see me if I start hating the Corps! If I and others no longer support the Corps then you're gonna see part of the USMC's magic formula fade away.  Neller needs to be fucking careful.  He might start a war that will make the drama that Amos faced look like a picnic.

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