Sunday, March 05, 2017

Why is SOCOM using Strykers in Syria?

Thanks to Filippo for the pics!

The above pics are causing quite a stir on the internet.  They purportedly show US Special Ops personnel in Syria.  But why would SOCOM be using what appears to be "SPARKLING" new Strykers instead of some other vehicle...perhaps one a bit more low profile?

My guess is that the Pentagon is embracing its orders to destroy ISIS as rapidly as possible.  I think the move to standout rather than blend in is part of an information warfare project designed not only to scare ISIS but to let the American people know that they're about getting the job done.

What many people don't realize is that SOCOM has used standard armored vehicles for a while now.

Did you know that Delta Force used to roam around Iraq in Pandur 6x6's?  US Army Rangers also took hold of some Strykers for their missions inside Iraq too.

Still this is a pretty bold move.  For US personnel to be riding in that chaotic battlefield in obviously US armored vehicles means that they have support that is wide and deep (I bet body parts they have an orbit of fully loaded Reapers overhead at all times and all the manned air support they could dream of...I just wonder where that artillery BN that's supporting them is firing from...its gotta be in a remote section of desert).

The long short of this?  Trump ordered a quick destruction of ISIS and Mattis/Dunford and the rest of the Pentagon is embracing the call.  I bet ISIS will be destroyed before the end of the year at latest.

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