Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why tax sodas when you can do this to change consumer behavior (listed under sick)

via Gizmodo.
File this story under shit you didn’t want to know. Police in Northern Ireland have opened an investigation to find out exactly how human feces found its way into a shipment of cans at a Coca-Cola bottling plant.
The soda behemoth told The Guardian that the poop-containing cans were discovered at the Hellenic Bottling Company factory in Lisburn, Co Antrim. Production was abruptly shut down when the machines were clogged by said poop.

According to Coke’s representatives, the cans arrived at the factory empty and without a top. They are then filled with delicious sugar water and capped before making their way to distribution. At the moment, it’s unknown at what point in the supply chain the cans became contaminated. A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland told The Guardian, “The investigation is at an early stage and there are no further details available at this time.”

Just plain fucking wow.

Some city in the NorthEast corridor started taxing sodas (forget which one) as part of a health move (expect more of the same with health care suddenly being a right...why should I pay for people that abuse their bodies?) and the unintended result was that soda sales plunged.

What do you think is gonna happen when people find out that Coca-Cola has shit in it?

Insect legs I can take.  Modern industrial food prep.  Ya take the good with the bad, besides, ant legs are just extra protein but human waste?   There is only one way to properly decontaminate that factory....

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