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You want to combat "the female perception" problem in the military? Make sure it's earned!

via Navy Matters Blog.
You disrespect people you have no respect for.

Take a moment and absorb the utter simplicity and truth in that.  In fact, say it again.  You disrespect people you have no respect for.

Why don’t service personnel - Marine, Navy, or whoever - respect women?  Again, the answer is blindingly obvious.  It’s because they aren’t held to the same standard of performance.  No one respects another who is accorded preferential treatment.  No one respects another who is given benefits without earning them.  I’m not even going to bother to recite the entire litany of reduced standards that women are accorded but the men see it on a daily basis.  Whether it’s reduced physical training standards, preferential selection for assignments or promotions, retries at training that are not generally accorded men (Kara Hultgreen, for example, or ranger training), unofficial quotas that allow women preferential assignments, benefits that men can’t enjoy (pregnancy reduced duties and leave), or any of the hundreds of other daily biases that favor women, the net result of all that preferential treatment is what grows the resentment that leads to the disrespect the men display towards the women.
Go here to read the whole thing. 

Navy Matters is onto something that no one wants to talk about.  A common perception is that women in the military and particularly the Marine Corps slide by.  The feeling has intensified since the push to integrate women into combat arms.  Remember the tests that Corps ran?  Do you remember the outcome?

via LA Times 2015
Lengthy experiment studying women during combat skills tests found that all-male units performed better than mixed-gender ones in most tactical areas and that women suffered more injuries than men, the Marine Corps reported this week.

One measure showed that the musculoskeletal injury rate for women was 40.5%, compared with 18.8% for men.
This study signaled to Marines that it wasn't about combat performance but was about a social experiment.

So what did the Marine Corps/Pentagon leadership do?  They took the study and threw it in the trash and pushed on with the plan!

There is now talk from leadership about not lowering standards but the idea is that women are going to be pushed into combat roles.  The dirty secret?  Ask any cop or firefighter.  Women don't have the physical strength to handle the more intense roles that those jobs entail.

I know this post will be controversial and many will hate me for it but its the truth.   If you're a cop and you and your partner are hookin and jabbin with some idiot hopped up on crack or meth and your partner can't handle the physical confrontation then someone could get killed.  The same applies to combat on spades.

So with its own study the Marine Corps is saying that women are more vulnerable to skeletal injuries and perform poorly on combat skills tests but that they will be integrated into these units anyway.

What did the Marine Corps say about this truth?  via San Diego Tribune.
The assessment states that integrating female troops into the ground combat arms will add some risk of reduced performance in combat, as well as cost (Editor's note..that's code for lost lives and/or permanent injury). “While this risk can be mitigated by various methods to address failure rates, injuries, and ability to perform the mission, the bottom line is that the physiological differences between males and females will likely always be evident to some extent,” it says.
So what does this have to do with the "picture scandal" and the issue of military culture with regard to females in uniform?

Make sure they earn it.  Make sure they face the same shit details, shit work, shit life.  No protection or favoritism by Officers/SNCOs.  Have someone that can verify that "female problems" are real and not a reason to skate.  Make sure that men and women are treated fairly in every way.That will allow women to get the respect that they want.

General "Chappie" James set the blueprint that we need to get back to.  Check it out below. 

The solution to the pic scandal and the culture women face in the military? In the Marine Corps its simple.

We need a back to basics movement Corps wide.  Treat everyone the same. No one skates.  No one gets by.  No one gets any slack.  Every swinging dick and ovary gets treated the same.  

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