Saturday, April 01, 2017

Blast from the past. Lockheed Martin ACV Candidate.

Note:  This is the vehicle that LM placed into the ACV competition after they stole the plans of the AMV/acquired the plans of the ACV/decided to go it alone after working with Patria.

However they came to designing this vehicle its obvious that they needed more time.  Little things like that jacked up troop door at the rear of the vehicle just don't make sense!  But overlooking the "roughness" of the design its apparent to me that if the contest dragged on a bit longer they could have made an extremely competitive vehicle.

It really was shortsighted of the management to throw away the partnership with Patria.  By teaming with Patria to win the ACV contest they would have gotten a solid footing in the armored vehicle market and its obvious that they had some engineering talent in house.  Now?  Now they're left on the outside looking in and while aviation is having its time in the sun that won't last.

Soon we will see the rise of armor (especially when new Chinese designs start popping up) and the likes of General Dynamics and BAE will rake in the money with new contracts to help the US gain parity.

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