Thursday, April 13, 2017

Boeing/Sikorsky future attack helicopter concept.

pic/story via The Drive.
On April 10, 2017, Lockheed Martin, which owns Sikorsky, posted a sales video online that included a depiction of the “attack variant” of their FVL – Medium (FVL-M) contender.  The Army specifically wants the FVL-M to replace both the UH-60 Black Hawk transport helicopter and AH-64 Apache gunship. It has not specified whether or not the transport and attack versions need to be based on the same aircraft, but obviously this would be very beneficial, and Sikorsky and Boeing appear to have chosen to develop two separate, but highly related designs with common components.
Story here. 

Do you ever think that the Marine Corps pushed too many concepts that just weren't ready too soon?  Do you think that instead of waiting for those concepts that have been bought to fully mature before buying more (think V-22) and instead going with what works now (what I'm proposing is to cancel the remaining V-22 purchase and instead go with S-92s) that we could have saved a metric shitload of money?

I do.

What does this mean if the Future Vertical Lift actually delivers?  It means that the Marine Corps will be stuck with obsolete vertical assault lift.

If, and it's a big IF, the tech for the FVL delivers (especially if after years of trying the F-35 continues to disappoint) then the USMC will be looking at another budget trainwreck.

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